March 1, 2015


Auditor: Jennifer Albrecht

Deputy Auditor: Amy Wilkinson

Mailing Address:
PO Box 196
De Smet, SD   57231

Phone: (605) 854-3832
Fax: (605) 854-3833

Office Hours:  M-F  8:00-5:00, Closed During Noon Hour

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The County Auditor as the clerk of the County Commission is required to keep records of Commission proceedings.  The Auditor’s fiscal duties include conducting a monthly verification of all bank balances and cash items in the County Treasurer’s Office and making a report of the same to the Commission, preparing warrants for all disbursements, publishing an annual report of the receipts and disbursements as well as the assets and liabilities of the County, and keeping inventory of County property. The Auditor also assists the Board with the annual budget, and calculates the annual levies.

Election duties include voter registration, ballot preparation, appointment and training of election officials, canvassing the votes casts, and issuing certificates of election.

The Auditor’s Office serves as the Human Resources Department in three broad functional areas: direct support to the County Commission, personnel support services to employee, and support services to departmental heads.